This privacy policy describes how the website and application (the “site”, “we” or “us”) collects, uses, shares, and protects the information we collect through this site. Shreevahan respects each and every detail of the customers that they have provided during their booking of a vehicle. These details consist of customer names and phone numbers only. However, if any suspicious activities are found then you should provide all your details to Shreevahan teams. Along with that users need to provide additional information to enjoy the offers and discounts provided by Shreevahan. This information is collected for the internal processing and identification of customers and will not be shared with anyone.


How we collect user's information and what do we do with those information?

Users need to provide their information during the registration process like names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, email id. The web browser and mobile application both take the information of your location to provide you the best services reaching your doorstep. Other than that we may also track your browser details, your internet protocol address, browser language, date and time of visit, hardware and software attributes, your geographical locations, the time duration you spent on this page, and the webpage that links you to this page. Generally, this information is anonymous we collect them on an aggregate basis. This information is tracked via google analytics.

Using your provided information we will send you updates and offers from us via email marketing.


Why we collect location information in background and how we use the data? (Rider Application)

Upon accepting the rider request by riders, we want our customer to view where the riders are at the present time. Once rider accepts the ride they can navigate to google maps to view the customer present location. Once navigating to google maps we are unable to update rider location hence we need to get their location from background. This location will only be used to improve customer experience. We only collect information from background 

The location data collected by us will be kept secured with us and only be used to improve customer experience (where their rider are at current time). The information will not be accessible to any other outer sources and people. We may use business partners to help us design and operate our Site and provide services to support the Site. We may also hire a company to run certain website applications, provide data storage and processing services, or help us analyze our data. These business partners may have access to the personal information that we keep, but only so that they may perform these tasks on our behalf. We do not allow these business partners to make any independent commercial use of the individually identifiable information that we store, to share such data with third parties or from making the data publicly available. Keep in mind, however, that if you establish a separate relationship with one of these business partners, the information you provide directly to that organization will be subject to its terms of use and its privacy practices.


Why do we need user information?

If you want services from Shreevahan the initial step is to register your account on our website. You need to provide all your details. It will be easier for shreevahan team to verify that it is actually you or identify you. The basic information you need to provide is your name, phone numbers, and email id. Other information we need is for creating a user profile such as profile photo, demographic locations, zip codes, etc. all the information that you provide will be totally secured. After creating your profile you can review and update your profile any time you like.


Payment Information.

Normally the payments can be done from cash on delivery. We have the necessary information about the customers so when the courier arrives at your doorstep you will receive a call from our teams to verify if you are a customer or not. You can pay via digital wallets like fonepay, esewa, khalti, and IME pay.


Use of cookies

We use cookies to track our users and the services they choose. Cookies are small pieces of code that is used by us for your better surfing of the website. With the help of cookies, the website will load faster if you are using the same device. We use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted after you leave our site.

We use persistent cookies that remain on our devices as a cache memory which will automatically recognize you and know your preferences. After you logout from your device, these cookies will automatically recognize you and add your username and password during the login process.

We may allow our business partners to place cookies on your devices but your personal data remains with us and will not be shared with our business partners.


Registered Shreevahan users

When you create your account on our website your information will be accessible to other shreevahan users as well. With your permission, we may share your information on third-party websites. For example, we may allow you to share our services on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to go from one destination to another then your pick up and drop locations will be shared to registered and nearby available  Shreevahan riders or drivers based on your preference of vehicle type.


Your contact information

When you provide your contact information we may communicate with you regarding the rider/driver performance, your experience, and the services you gained from shreevahan. When you have completed the service we will use your contact details to notify you of the transactions made. We will share your transaction report with those riders/drivers whom you have traveled with.



After the completion of the ride, we may allow you to submit your experiences and the reviews so that we may feature them on our website along with your photo and description.


Rating and reviews

If you are a client then you will be asked to rate and review the services. You can write anything about the experiences and problems faced during the ride. All the ratings from different clients will be calculated and displayed on our website and application. If you submit a review your review will be visible to everyone.


Law enforcement and legal actions

We may disclose your information without your notice for any types of illegal, unethical, and actionable harms you may create. Legal actions will be taken using appropriate law enforcement against those who may try to create hindrances to Shreevahan.


Changes of your information

The profile settings can be modified anytime by users. If you want to change the names, phone numbers, and email id then a verification code will be sent to you and you can modify your profile as you like. There are several terms and conditions you need to read before making changes to your profile.



We guarantee you about your personal data and the transactions you made will be completely safe with us. We use strong precaution that we follow to secure all your details and it is our responsibility if your data gets leaked, deleted, misused, and accessed.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Shreevahan reserves all rights to make changes or modify this privacy policy. If such changes are made revised privacy policy will be updated on our site. You will be notified if we make changes to our privacy and policy.



When you are visiting our website or our application you must agree to all the terms and conditions listed on this site.



You may receive a call from the rider/driver about the confirmation of the ride.

Each and every rider/driver are provided with a code you need to verify before using our services. If the codes do not match you can contact our support teams.

No extra charge can be taken by any rider/driver without the customer's consent. If taken riders/drivers will be penalized.

If riders/drivers refuse to go to your destination then you should contact immediately our customer care at 041-590935.

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