Frequently Asked Questions


How to request a ride?

To request a Shreevahan ride follow the next steps:
-when open the app tap “choose pickup location”, the app will set your pickup location via GPS;
-if you need to change the location, type in your exact address. You can also input your destination there;
-choose “Vehicle Type”.
If you’re getting message “No cars available”, please wait a couple of minutes and try to request again.

How are the fare calculated?

Shreevahan trip fare is calculated as a sum of base fare, fare per km and per minute of the ride. By inputting pick-up location and your destination in the app, you can can see approximate tariff for the trip in the bottom of the screen.

Is it possible to schedule a ride request?

Yes, you can schedule your ride request using schedule option in App, for more information please contact our customer care center. 

What is cancellation fee?

In Shreevahan we appreciate the partners’ time and, thus, we always compensate the time spent on the road to the passenger if the trip never took place. In that case, user can be charged with a certain amount as per cancelation policy, if:
-you cancelled trip more than 5 minutes after you have accepted the request
-you are late for more than 5 minutes after driver has arrived at the pickup location, and you didn’t contact the driver to let him know about your delay
User  doesn’t charged a cancellation fee, if:
-you cancelled trip during first 5 minutes after making request
-driver is late for more than 5 minutes (after ETA, which you’ve accepted while made request)
Mention that if you are late, you can notify driver that you are late via call or sms.

How can I use offers/coupons?

Easily! You can apply offered codes or referral amount to get discount on your ride.

How can I become a Shreevan driver?

To become a driver-partner, please download Shreevahan- Driver app and register or fill out a form on the website

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