How Current and Former Drivers Make Money These Days

How Current and Former Drivers Make Money These Days
  • Nectar Digit
  • September 28, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, the media, rideshare and delivery companies, and even we have wondered what drivers were doing instead of rideshare driving.

Where had all the drivers gone?
It turns out, many drivers have been planning their Plan Bs, and the pandemic just pushed them to accelerate those plans. Other drivers shared they’re still driving, just a lot less due to pandemic concerns. Senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins shares feedback from drivers on what they’re doing instead of driving below.
Many drivers use rideshare as a means to an end. It’s a way of filling in the gaps of employment or to get the ball rolling on their Plan B (or C or D). But what are these drivers doing now that rideshare driving is in the rearview mirror?
Part-Time Driver, Full-Time Poker Player
Allison from California used to do rideshare full-time and play poker part-time. Now the tables have turned. She still does rideshare on occasion, but prefers spending her time at the tables earning her keep, as well as other odd jobs around town.
Allison had been driving for Uber full-time from 2016 until the pandemic. She’d drive as much as 50-70 hours a week, 7 days a week and averaging around 120 rides each week. Back then, she said Uber offered a lot of bonuses and incentives to stay on the road, plus pay was better in general.
Now, it’s sporadic and unpredictable. Plus, with the minimum wage in her area being raised to $15/hr., it’s more lucrative to get a part-time job basically anywhere else. You earn the money without putting the wear and tear on your vehicle, paying high prices for gas, maintenance and insurance.
But, how can you make money at poker? Well, of course, it is risky. Her game is Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Allison prefers limit versus no-limit because the bets are more structured and you can’t just lose everything every other hand (if people go big with astronomically large bets).
“Even though skill is involved in playing poker, you still have no guarantee,” explained Allison. “Just because you have a great hand and you’re a great player doesn’t mean you’re going to win the pot.”
Allison said that poker goes in streaks of luck and losing your luck. When you’re in an unlucky streak, you have to be able to realize it, recognize it and be okay with it. When you’re in a lucky streak, realize that you might want to try to win more money that day because tomorrow your luck may shift.
Her goal is to earn between $200-$400 each time she goes in to play. “It could be one hour, it could be 10 hours,” Allison said.
However, Allison doesn’t recommend anyone to leave their jobs to pursue earning money playing poker. It’s just something she enjoys doing and will supplement her income as needed with other skills she possesses.

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