Shreevahan is to begin with and most well known ride-hailing benefit supplier in Janakpur. Shreevahan is providing multiple options to choose reliable and hassle free rides like Taxi, Bike, Auto-Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, introducing first time in Nepal online Dhuwani Shewa as well with vehicles Hathi, DI etc. Shreevahan's provided vehicles are the fastest and the most affordable way for daily commute. Shreevahan rider is a safe and trusted way to earn extra income.

Additional Information
Shreevahan is a Janakpur, Nepal based company under Shreevardhan Group of Company Pvt. Ltd, whose mission is to provide reliable, timely and safe traveling services by using latest technology and variety of vehicle types.
Shreevahan aims to provide quick, simple and secure way to travel. The team at Shreevahan is a vigorous, young and socially acutely aware cluster that's operating hand in hand with you to resolve the issues of waiting and getting ride. There are golden opportunities for our people who want to earn more as full/part time job with their own vehicles like Taxi, DI, Hathi, Auto-Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, Bike/Scooty etc with maximum profit and minimum commission.
The company has drivers and employees that are helpful, courteous, and fully trained to handle the situation and serve in a better way. As an added safety measure for both drivers and passengers, Shreevahan are fitted with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which enable the vehicles to be tracked or located in an emergency. Everyone who drives with Shreevahan is screened before their first trip. In addition, Shreevahan runs these driver screenings and uses technology to look for issues if any. It's important for our obligation to help guard you when you demand a ride with Shreevahan.  

Shreevahan providing online vehicles services like Taxi, DI, Hathi, Auto-Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, Bike/Scooty etc.

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